About Us

PDX Partners, Inc. (OTC PINK : PDXP ) is a Telecom company dedicated to creating revenue and shareholder value by marketing Telecom products and acquiring other long term growth assets. The company was founded in 1997.


Atoma Advisors (ATOMA) is a full service Enterprise Risk Management firm. Our Mission is to provide Professional Advisory Services to the ever changing challenges facing the cannabis industry. RIG provides demonstrable ROI to our clients by putting Proactive Risk Management Practices in place to safeguard the investments and businesses of the people pioneering the US Cannabis Industry. Our Licensed Advisors provide Industry Expertise regarding Products, Premises, & General Liability. Other services include Workers Compensation, Property Insurance, Crop Insurance, Bonds, Comprehensive Auto Liability, & Employee Benefits.

For more information go to: www.atomaadvisors.com

AMC Financial Group is a Financial Services Company that operates in the Alternative Lending space. AMC specializes in providing alternative lending options to small and midsize businesses with products that are 90% revenue based and structured to fit every business type. Our extremely flexible repayment options make AMC Financial Group an ideal solution to fit every budget as well. Our funding solutions are efficient, fast and the process is seamless. WE SAY YES, WHEN THE BANK SAYS NO!

For more information, visit: https://amcfinancialgrp.com/